Become Reseller and start earn money!

We offer to our resellers a low startup solution to start there own  business .

We  provide you the panel where you can manage all your clients. You can start selling subscription to your audience and start managing your own sales with a friendly interface.

Do you know that more than The global market size is expected to reach USD 117.07 billion by 2025? Become a reseller and start your own  business right now and make money part time.

What you need to know to become Reseller?

  • You can still have your job! Exactly you don’t need to leave your fulltime job, Reseller is “part-time”, you work when you want.
  • You don’t need to have a seller skill!
  • You don’t need to have any technical knowledge, the system is ready to go.

To Start your own Reseller business, You ONLY NEED to buy our “New Panel” with 20 credits, we will send username and password to access to your own panel and start your own business. You can start earn  from sale Hosting subscription.

What you will get when you become Reseller

  • Free Trials: you can generate free trial up to 24hr.
  • Stats: you can monitor your customers.
  • Own Reseller Panel: you get your own panel where you can add and mange your customers
  • Your own unbranded  App
  • Extend the line: just one click to extend your customers iptv subscription
  • No expiration time: Your credits will never expire.
  • Managment: you can add iptv subscrition, enigma2, mag box, delete , ban, add notes and many more.
  • Apps: you can use all our apps: AndroidiOS, etc or your own.

Start selling immediatly

Do you know some people that will love our service? Why don’t sell to them?
You only need to get your own iptv panel, get your credits and start reselling to them.

How much will cost?

1 month of service = 1 credit

12 months of service = 12 credits

  • 3 months 2 credits\ 3 months +1 device 3 credits\3 months +2 devices 4 credits/ 3 months +3 devices 5 credits
    6 months 3 credits\ 6 months +1 device 4 credits\ 6 months +2 device 5 credits\ 6 months +3 device 6 credits

The cost for credits start @ $3.00 to $5.00

How it works?

You need to sign up to our RESELLER PROGRAM, with $100 you will get 20 credits on your iptv re-seller panel.

Some example:

with 100$ you can generate 20 lines 

If you sell 1 month for $13 you will get $260, which mean $160 of PROFIT MONTHLY!
every month till they cancel


  1. Go on the  Reseller Page
  2. Click Become Reseller
  3. Pay the invoice
  4. Check your email with the details
  5. Your business is ready to run